Ipsen Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. (formerly Tercica, Inc.) is a biotech company with a unique focus: to develop and commercialize new products to patients with endocrine and neurological diseases. We market Increlex, Somatuline Depot and Dysport.
People with endocrine and neurologic diseases deserve better treatment options.

Our company is committed to fully embracing these underserved patient populations. That's why we offer distinct, novel products to help improve the lives of patients with these disorders.

We have exciting career opportunities for experienced people who share our passion for improving endocrine and neurologic health. Our company and professional relationships are guided by our vision, mission, and values.

Mar 10, 2011: FDA approves Extended Dosing Interval for Somatuline® Depot (lanreotide) Injection in the United States.

(mecasermin [rDNA origin] injection)

Somatuline® Depot
(lanreotide) Injection

Dysport® for Injection